World Travels (1968-70)

Carl vanished in July 1968 to parts unknown after leaving his position at Fu Jen University in Taipei. With a generous severance package from Univ. of Santa Clara, he was able to explore and discover a new life path. Though we (the family) didn't know his whereabouts, we can now glean Carl's basic itinerary from the visas in his passport and his scrapbook photos.

Japan & Korea: July 1968

Philippines: December 1968

Australia: December 1968

Samoa & Fiji: January 1969

England: June 1969

Germany, Saarland: June 1969

Samoa [July 1969], Hawaii: July 1970 

The "lost year" in Carl's itinerary was most likely spent in Samoa, based on anecdotes Carl shared during his Hawaiian years. Eventually he left paradise to find another one closer to family, in Hawaii.

A comparison of postcards from Schaffhausen, Saarland: On the left, a 1912 postcard sent to Great Uncle John Fischer (the banker) asking for sponsorship to Kewanee, the worthy family posing in front of their home. On the right, a 1969 postcard of Schaffhausen, purchased by Carl, the town completely destroyed by WW II, and rebuilt in traditional and modern styles, .

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