Weslaco, Texas, 1948. L to R: Kate, John, Terry, Carl, Michael

August 12, 1939, Champaign Urbana, Illinois, Wedding of Carl Fischer and Terry Stadler, L to R: Elizabeth Fischer, Ludwig and Catherine Stadler, Carl and Terry Fischer, Pat Stadler and friend. 

After the wedding, Terry and Carl lived in a nice, little apartment. Terry was still working as a part-time secretary for the UI Graduate School, Office of the Dean, and hoped to go on in school and complete her undergraduate degree in German studies. Carl wanted to enter graduate school, but was unsure of his field. He decided on journalism, attended some classes, disliked them, and withdrew.  


It became clear to Carl that Terry could not support both of them on her part-time job, so he found a part-time job at a nursery. He was quite good at the job, since he had excelled in botany. However, Terry soon became pregnant with severe morning  sickness and unable to work. So, the saga began...

Throughout the '40s, Carl and Terry moved many times and often returned to Kewanee as their family's safe haven: Louisa's Victorian cottage on Main St., a place of refuge for Louis and Elizabeth in 1931, became their base in an uncertain future. Not only was the entire country on the move with the advent of World War II, but Carl was restless, unable to find permanent employment. In 1939, the pattern emerged: Terry and Carl moved to Kewanee in early November, since they could not afford the rent in Champaign. Mom and Dad Fischer were only too happy to welcome a grandchild-on-the-way into their home. 


Carl took a job at J. C. Penny during the Christmas season, but after the holidays, was unable to find work in Kewanee. He traveled to Dubuque, Iowa, and rented a room there, thinking Dubuque would offer more job opportunities and was a "Catholic" town. Terry, meanwhile, went to Dwight, Illinois, where her parents were staying at the time. However, Terry joined Carl in January 1940, at the insistence of her own mother who said that "her place was with her husband." 

Carl began working at a mirror factory in the shipping department and they found a clean, cheerful apartment in a good area of town by February 1940.

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