Testimonials & Documents

San Antonio, Texas

One of Carl's favorite poets was Francis Thompson, so the poem, "To a Snowflake," was included in the funeral program. The day before he died and could still speak, Carl said that "everyone is a miracle," a sentiment he lived as an educator and in his life style.

Holy Cards are traditionally given to those who attend a Catholic funeral. Carl was devoted to the Virgin Mary throughout his life and the religious order of the Honolulu cathedral was the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. We chose to honor the sacred heart of Mary. A handwritten saying was found in Carl's wallet, "All for Jesus through Mary with a smile." We thought it an appropriate prayer to print on his memorial Holy Card.

Official Tributes from the State of Hawaii

"Dear Carl, Some achieve distinction in our DOE family through long and valuable service. Your membership in the family did not run its full course, but was nonetheless distinguished with professional competence and pizazz -- a flair for work and life. We never failed to be impressed by your gentlemanliness and wit. Is it any wonder, then, that so many have joined together to wish you Aloha and Godspeed! Sincerely, M. Nakashima and 111 others"

This is the thank you note Carl sent back to all 111 colleagues, and more. He dictated the text and supervised the layout and art as Kate drafted many attempts and later photocopied it for delivery to the office staff. Carl literally kept the hundreds of dollars in cash in a salad bowl on the kitchen counter.

The Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace — also known by its original French name Cathédrale de Notre Dame de la Paix, 1843

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