1960s - WIP

1960- 67, California, a Work-in-Progress

Note: There were no photos of Carl in California in the '60s in his papers or any notes from Terry for that decade. If a family member has photos or docs from those seven years, please contribute what you can to this eAlbum.


Random Recollections

One of Carl's hobbies involved all three children: building harpsichords from the Zuckermann kits. Those projects were in the 1960s when Carl and family lived in Los Altos. John and Michael helped build the first one, and Kate taught Carl how to sightread music so he could play Bach and Mozart pieces on it. When the family moved to Los Altos Hills, Carl began constructing a double keyboard harpsichord with John's help, but sold it unfinished.


Possible family photos/events: U Santa Clara; 1964, Michael's graduation U Santa Clara; Michael's wedding; Terry's graduation. 

Gestalt Therapy was introduced at Esalen in 1964 when Fritz Perls came to Esalen, where he would live and teach for five years. While newly divorced, Carl spent part of his time there in 1967, at the Eslaen Institute in Big Sur, CA. He continued to seek self awareness through this intense encounter group process. He later told Kate that Fritz Perls called him a natural "con man," and had him demonstrate his techniques to the group. Dad drew strength from the beauty of Big Sur, a coastline he considered the most beautiful on earth. He would soon leave the states for Taiwan.

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