In honor of the 40th Anniversary of Carl Michael Fischer's passing in Honolulu, Hawaii, I've gathered photos and papers that span 150 years of Fischer family history in his memory.


Though Carl is the focus of this digital album, the decades before his birth provide a context for his life and legacy. Whether you knew Carl or simply knew of him, his influence is impossible to ignore.

A brilliant, multifaceted man, he was a combination of many attributes: a scholar and a bohemian, yet with an elegant and sophisticated style; a musician and statistician; volatile yet disciplined;  outlandish yet fastidious; iconoclastic yet a classicist.


Marginalized by his sexual preferences, he sought redemption and self-acceptance. But throughout the years of conflict and confusion, it was his humor, compassion, and undying enthusiasm that were his enduring hallmarks. It is what sustained him: a wonderful love.   

April 1976, Honolulu, Queen Emma Gardens, Prince Tower, apartment lanai

 ~Kate Farrell
  San Francisco, 2018

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